If you haven't done it, it is now time to pay your 2020 dues. Please download the Membership Form from the website, located HERE, fill it out and bring it along with you to pay your dues at the next meeting. If you can't make the meetings, just mail it in.

Some of our members may be unaware, but the money earned by our raffle for prizes we have at each meeting goes to offset the cost of the musicians as well as to help pay for our charities. All of our prizes are donated by our own generous members, so if you come across an item suitable for the raffle while out shopping please consider buying it and bringing it to the next meeting to give to the Prez or any of our Board Members. It does not necessarily have to be tropical or even expensive, every item helps. And THANK YOU to those who have given prizes, it is deeply appreciated!
Oh, and at the meetings, please consider buying plenty of raffle tickets. It's not necessarily about winning, it's really about helping out a worthy cause. And if you win and don't need the prize, give it back to the Club to be raffled off again! Remember, every Parrot Head club's mission is to participate in activities that are charitable, educational and that promote the general welfare of the community while having fun, otherwise known as "Party With A Purpose!"

June 5, 2020 - First Friday - Captain's Table
We plan to gather at The Captain's Table outdoor patios for our first post lockup First Friday.
Plan to come out if you wish. We all understand if you wish to pass.

June 18, 2020 - PCPHC Meeting at Coolers - Music by The 33's! (Pending)

July 3, 2020 - First Friday - Because of the July 4th being the next day, the Board decided to skip this month's First Friday gathering.

July 16, 2020 - PCPHC Meeting at Coolers - Music by David Schwope.

Party with a Purpose!